Here's A Tiny Bit Of How Our Story Began 

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The chain of Supermercados Mexico started in the city of Grand Rapids when the Olvera Family 2 brothers Javier Olvera and Pablo Olvera and the spouses Kerry Olvera and Maricela Olvera decided to brainstorm and purchase a store that was named "La Vencedora" located in Clyde Park Ave in Grand Rapids MI. which later they decide to change the name to La Tapatia this location offers the customers a a place to shop for all products away from home.

In 2010 they acquired Supermercado Mexico Chicago DR. in Wyoming in which the store already had the name as Supermercado Mexico and it was one of the first Hispanic Supermarket in West Michigan it was purchased with the objective to service and extended the same services and products to our community.

In 2011 Supermercado Mexico on Division and 34th st opened. following the same customer service as well as products and services to our community.


We provide products and services of high quality and with Mexican tradition. Aimed to achieve the complete satisfaction of our clients, to the human development of our staff and the active participacion in the developmentof our community,

We aspire to be a modern enterprise, with the best positioning in the business and services sector, with competitive and permanent growth.

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